Once upon a time there was a little girl in a house with her mother. Her mother told her to go to her grandmas house because she was ill but before she went to her grandmas house mother sewed her a cap that was red with a hood for her head. That was why everybody called her little red riding hood. So her mother gives little red riding hood some food to take to her grandma. She Finally left  her moms house and was walking in the woods and she met a man that was a wood cutter, and she said hello and kept on walking. She ran into a wolf that was sneaky and sly. She saw the wolf and the wolf asked "where are you going " said the wolf and little red riding hood said "I am going to my grandmothers house it is up the road" then the wolf asked "where is it" then little red riding hood said it is pass a river and in a little cottage". The wolf said "lets go pick some flowers for your grandmother little red riding hood" and she said okay so while the little girl picks the flowers the wolf runs off and arrives to Grandmas house and knocks on the door. Grandma says who is it the the wolf says your sweet little red riding hood the he opens the door and eats grandma up. he puts on her night gown to act like grandma. so when little red riding hood arrives she knocks on the door and the wolf lets her in then she sits the food on the bed then she sees all the big teeth and nose and ears and "ahahahahahahahahahah" the wolf jumps out of bed then eats her but she cries for help then the wood cutter came and cut the wolf open body then takes them out and then sew then wolf back together then chases the wolf away. Then they have a dinner with the wood cutter and they celebrate how they were set free and the said the wolf will never come back again and they lived happily ever after.

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